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Equipment: Contra Mixer
Equipment Type: Mixing Equipment -> Mixer
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Description: Contra Mixer We have developed a wide range of Contra Mixers that are based on contra-rotation of blades and used for simultaneous beating and scraping operations. The mixer is highly durable and used for various other applications such as manufacturing of toothpaste, creams, cosmetics and viscous products. These mixers are manufactured with SS 304 or 316 and are available with capacities ranging from 5 liters. Specifications and Operation: The mixing assembly consists of series of paddle types blades of appropriate shape to move the material back towards the center of the container The paddle type blades are provided on the central shaft, which runs through a hollow shaft on bladder intermeshes with which other and rotates in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction One sets also scraps the containers wall for through and uniform mixing of the material The mixer is designed to withstand high vacuum applied in the process for optimum mixing Contra mixer is provided with a jacket for cooling or heating as per the application
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